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Thursday, June 7, 2007

How to get NeoPoints (NPs) for free - a video

Author gives us his Neopets video on Neopoints (NPs) Givaway Letter Contest.

You know, the first and most frequently asked question by a new Neopets player is "How do I get NeoPoints?". There are several ways that you can get NeoPoints (NPs) for free and many ways to earn them.

You can play Neopets Games - there are a variety of games you can play with your pet and you can make a lot of NeoPoints doing this.

Enter Contests in Neopia - if you're good at drawing you might want to enter the Neopets Art Gallery, winners will get 10,00 NP and a trophy. Or if you have a bit more patience and plenty of time to advertise your pet, you can submit your pet to the Beauty Contest. You can win 10,000 NP just for coming first in your pet's species and a shiny new trophy. You can win a share of 2 million NeoPoints each week if you guess the Lenny Conundrum correctly. Win between 5,000-10,000 NeoPoints if your caption is chosen in the weekly Caption Contest.